Interpretations of the mind when hearing space sounds.


“Listen to a tape recording of an audience clapping. In the kitchen it sounds like bacon frying. In the garden on a dull day it sounds like rain, it is interesting to repeat words or musical phrases on a tape loop: after several repetitions they seem to change into other words or phrases. Though seeing and hearing and touch seem simple and direct, they are not. They are fallible inferences based on knowledge and assumptions which may not be appropriate to the situation.” Richard Gregory, Brainy Mind.



Sounds captured in space by a scientific team from Queen Mary University were listened in a loop, eyes closed and lying down on the ground. The observer created an inventory of all the imagery which came to mind. It was striking to listen to the space sounds for the very first time - unusual from what humans are used to hearing. It, therefore, proved difficult for the mind to come up with visual imagery whilst interpreting the sounds. The experiment revealed an interesting pattern of mental images: at first Earth-centric, later, abstract (or “random”).


Cosmos Echo reveals a narrative of the mind based on Earth-centric imagery. Aleatoric abstract imagery interrupts the initial narrative. Reaching approximately halfway through the film, this pattern reverses so that the abstract imagery takes the dominant place, in turn slowly replacing - or transforming - the Earth-centric images.



year 2017


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